• Fertility
  • Pregnancy & Post Pregnancy
  • Improperly positioned babies
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Digestive Complaints IBS/Constipation
  • Painful/Irregular ovulation & menstruation
  • Uterine Fibroids/Cysts
  • Menopausal Symptoms
  • Bladder issues/Dysfunction
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Post Surgical complaints
  • Abdominal scar tissue


  • Fertility
  • Difficult, painful or incomplete urination
  • Prostate enlargement/discomfort
  • Digestive complaints IBS/Constipation
  • Backache
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Weak Tired Legs
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Post Surgical complaints
  • Abdominal scar tissue


  • Anxiety
  • Back Pain
  • Digestive Complaints IBS/Constipation/Reflux & Colic
  • Anxiety
  • Painful/Irregular ovulation and menstruation
  • Hemorrhoids 
  • Bladder issues/Dysfunction
  • Post Surgical complaints
  • Abdominal scar tissue 

Abdominal/Belly Massage

What is Abdominal Massage?

Abdominal massage of this type is a therapeutic treatment that has been known and practiced by healers for thousands of years but, forgotten in this century. So often, modern medicine tends to focus on relieving symptoms, rather than the cause of the disease. Women, Men and Children suffer needlessly from a barrage of physical complaints that can easily be corrected by returning the uterus/prostate to its proper position and function using these massage techniques.

The uterus may have shifted or the prostrate may have swollen, potentially restricting the flow of blood, lymph, nerve impulses and energy flow. This can cause most of the common female and male reproductive oriented issues, as well as a host of unrelated ailments, including digestive complaints.

What is Visceral Manipulation?

Visceral Manipulation is a gentle manual therapy that aids your body’s ability to release restrictions and unhealthy compensations that cause pain and dysfunction.

It also assists to  move and release fascial restrictions in the abdomen and pelvis to encourage the normal movement and function of your internal organs.

“Viscera” related to the internal organs of the body, such as the liver, kidneys, and intestines.

What causes this to happen?

Poor pelvic alignment, chronic constipation and straining, accidents, surgeries, and many other stressors to the ligaments that support the abdominal and reproductive organs.  Repeated pregnancies close together and extensive pushing during birth, falling on your tail bone, surgeries, etc.

What is a session like?

The session involves an in-depth discussion of medical and lifestyle history.  We discuss symptoms and goals and develop a plan to work together to accomplish these.  We assess your pelvic alignment and abdominal stressors, and position of the uterus and all organs.  Tara uses Maya Abdominal Therapy and Visceral Manipulation techniques together to assist in proper positioning.  She will also show you an abdominal self care treatment so that you can continue treatment at home each day on your own.

First time appointments are two hours long. Follow up visits are your choice of time.

Forms to download for Maya Abdominal Massage: Male & Female
Please print and fill out the appropriate intake form and bring it to our first appointment together.

For Medical and Holistic health (non sexual)

 60 Minutes - $100  75 Minutes - $125  90 Minutes - $150  120 Minutes - $200


Prenatal Massage


A nuturing and soothing experience for the mom-to-be. This relaxing massage allows a pregnant mother to be pampered and completely unwind while relieving some of the common and chronic discomforts that develop during pregnancy.


This massage experience is a wonderful way to rejuvenate a tired mom. Similar to a therapeutic massage, postpartum massage focuses on "new mom muscles" that get sore as a result of carrying and feeding a little one. The massage also allows the uterus to heal and nurture back to its natural place with-in the body.

60 Minutes - $100   75 Minutes - $125   90 Minutes - $150  120 Minutes - $200


General Massage

Therapeutic massage addresses tension and holding patterns in muscles and connective tissue thereby helping to relieve pain, stress, tightness and restricted mobility of joints. Each session is individualized for your specific need.  I will combine a variety of massage techniques per your request such as Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point therapy, Cupping, Gua sha and Aromatherapy.  

Therapeutic massage addresses tension and holding patterns in muscles and connective tissue thereby helping to relieve pain, stress, tightness and restricted mobility of joints. Tara also works with clients who have been in auto accidents and will work with your insurance company to see if your treatment cost is covered.

60  Minutes - $100   75 Minutes - $125  90 Minutes - $150  120 Minutes - $200

Cranial sacral therapy (CST) is a type of bodywork that relieves compression in the bones of the head, sacrum (a triangular bone in the lower back), and spinal column.

CST is noninvasive. It uses gentle pressure on the head, neck, and back to relieve the stress and pain caused by compression. It’s thought that through the gentle manipulation of the bones in the skull, spine, and pelvis, the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the central nervous system can be normalized. This removes blockages from the normal flow, which enhances the body’s ability to heal.

Benefits and uses

Cranial sacral therapy can soothe pain and release both emotional and physical stress and tension. It can also help restore cranial mobility and ease or release restrictions of the head, neck, and nerves.

Cranial sacral therapy can be used for people of all ages. It may be part of your treatment for conditions like:

  • Migraines and headaches
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Constipation
  • IBS
  • Disturbed sleep cycles and insomnia
  • Scoliosis
  • Sinus infections
  • Neck pain and poor range of motion
  • Fibromyalgia and back pain
  • Recurrent ear infections or colic in infants
  • TMJ
  • Trauma recovery, including trauma from whiplash
  • Mood disorders like anxiety or depression
  • Difficult pregnancies 

Procedure and technique

When you arrive for your appointment, I will ask you about your symptoms and any pre-existing conditions.  You’ll typically remain fully clothed during the treatment, so wear comfortable clothing to your appointment. Your session will last about an hour, and you’ll likely begin by lying down on your back on the massage table. I may begin at your head, feet, or near the middle of your body.

Using five grams of pressure (which is about the weight of a nickel), and I will gently hold your feet, head, or sacrum to listen to their subtle rhythms. If I detect it’s needed, I may gently press or reposition you to normalize the flow of the cerebrospinal fluids. During the treatment, some people experience different sensations. These may include:

  • feeling deep relaxation
  • falling asleep, and later recalling memories or seeing colors
  • sensing pulsations
  • having a “pins and needles” (numbing) sensation
  • having a hot or cold sensation

What to Expect After Treatment?

After a craniosacral therapy session, it is advisable to drink lots of water. As a result of relieving tension and pain, your body may release toxins into your bloodstream. With water, you can flush them out.

You may experience feelings of relaxation, relief, or drowsiness. I advise staying away from physically exhausting activities for a day or two after a session. This translates to getting adequate rest, which will help your body adjust to any physiological changes in your system.

Additionally, you may experience the release of trapped emotions. This is an excellent time to be patient with yourself and to get more in touch with your body. 

Certain individuals should not use cranial sacral therapy.  These include people who are suffering from:

  • Diagnosed aneurysm 
  • Severe bleeding disorders 
  • Recent history of head injuries, which include skull fractures or cranial bleeding

 60 Minutes - $100   75 Minutes - $125  90 Minutes - $150  120 Minutes - $200


Tara will add these complimentary techniques into her sessions.  

Cupping is an ancient Chinese method which moves local congestion. A partial vacuum is created in cups placed on the skin either by means of heat or suction. This draws up the underlying tissues. When the cup is left in place on the skin for a few minutes, blood stasis is formed and localized healing takes place. Cupping has also been found to affect the body up to four inches into the tissues, causing tissues to release toxins, activate the lymphatic system.  It can assist to clear colon blockages, help activate and clear the veins, arteries and capillaries, activate the skin, clear stretch marks, scar tissue and improve varicose veins.  Tara also uses cupping to help stalled milk production for breast feeding Mothers and also can stimulate the ovaries and uterus during Abdominal Massage sessions for fertility, painful menses, cysts, fibroid and scar tissue. 

Gua Sha is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique that involves scraping oiled skin with a smooth edge tool. Gua Sha is usually performed on the back and neck, or areas where large muscles are present.

When it comes to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, most people believe the problem lies within the carpal tunnel, which is in the wrist area. This may be the case for a few people, but more often than not the problem stems from tension through the neck, shoulders, and pectorals (upper chest region).

Some common symptoms of Carpal Tunnel include but are not limited to:

  • Numbness in hands/fingers (usually the thumb, index, & middle finger, but can go into the ring & pinky)
  • Tingling in hands/fingers, Constant feeling of achy-ness in hands/fingers/arms
  • Weakness in hands/fingers/arms

 60 Minutes - $100   75 Minutes - $125  90 Minutes - $150   120 Minutes - $200


Reiki is an ancient Japanese vibrational healing practice that is used to create balance throughout the body’s entire energy system. Reiki uses light touch and hands above body to work with the subtle chakra/energy fields that surround and penetrate the body for healing. Reiki is safe for everyone, including children and pregnant women.


This STORY is about a little boy and his REIKI & FLOWER ESSENCE medicine. About 6 months ago a healthy 3 year old boy lost his ability to use his voice. Not medically, but emotionally he was only able to talk in a whisper. The Shock and Trauma happened when his teacher yelled at him and told him to BE QUIET. This little boy took that literally and wouldn’t speak out loud to his family, friends, brother, and even Mommy and Daddy. Last week I had the pleasure of working with this sweet soul and used Grape Hyacinth Flower Essence which is a part of plant medicine specifically helps with Finding ones voice, sound and words its applied topically or orally. The 2nd thing I used was REIKI to open up his 5th Chakra which is the throat. I asked permission of him if I could put my hands on and near his throat (normally this kiddo is very shy and not receptive to touch). BUT he nodded his head in acceptance to me and we spent a few minutes holding and honoring his voice that was lost because of that big scare. I know energy and plant medicine is AMAZING because that is what I trained in and love, but I was reminded first hand seeing this little guy find his voice again. Within a few hours, his parents reported that the was running around shouting and laughing with his brother and which hadn’t happened for months since this trauma happened. Now a week later, he is talking again regularly and even talking in school/day care where it all happened. And yes, the parents have talked to the teacher and made the management aware of this harshness of this specific teacher. I’m so PROUD of him, he now has a platform in using his voice and the strength to speak up for himself. More healing time will be needed, but the roots and trust are back within himself. YAY!!! Ask me anytime if you want to know more about REIKI or FLOWER ESSENCE THERAPY.

60 Minutes - $100   75 Minutes - $125  90 MInutes - $150 120 Minutes - $200

flower essence jars

Flower essences are energetic remedies made from flowers.  They have the capacity to shift and release energies and emotions in the human body and energy field.  As a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, I specialize in supporting women, men, children and pets who are needing to gain insight into certain challenges and lessons in our lives.

Flower essences can assist you with most aspects of your emotional and spiritual journey, including discernment, clarity, and confidence; managing anxiety or overwhelm; or accomplishing your own healing in order to serve your life mission more fully, successfully, or easily.

Why do I need a flower essence consultation?

Using holistic, medicinal and energetic properties of plants to stimulate the body’s inherent ability to regain and maintain healthy function and balance. Whether you’re struggling with particular issues or simply want to live more fully in your existing strength, a consultation is a wonderfully supportive self-care measure. People report feeling inspired and energized by their sessions.

What you will gain in a consultation?

Your own custom-tailored “roadmap to well-being,” in which you will receive a specific program of 5 essences to be taken sequentially rather than concurrently, addressing your immediate needs and present circumstances. 

In preparation for the consultation, you may want to jot down some notes and ideas to clarify your current situation. And remember, you can relax during the session: there are no “wrong” answers, and much can be accomplished within the space of a single session. Also please fill out and bring the attached form to your appointment.

Conditions addressed for people

Agrimony – mental torture behind a cheerful face
Aspen – fear of unknown things
Beech – intolerance
Centaury – the inability to say ‘no’
Cerato – lack of trust in one’s own decisions
Cherry Plum – fear of the mind giving wayChicory – selfish, possessive love
Clematis – dreaming of the future without working in the present
Crab Apple – the cleansing remedy, also for self-hatred
Elm – overwhelmed by responsibilityGorse – hopelessness and despair
Heather – self-centredness and self-concern
Holly – hatred, envy and jealousy
Honeysuckle – living in the past
Hornbeam – tiredness at the thought of doing something
Impatiens – impatience
Larch – lack of confidence
Mimulus – fear of known things
Mustard – deep gloom for no reason
Oak – the plodder who keeps going past the point of exhaustion
Olive – exhaustion following mental or physical effort
Pine – guilt
Red Chestnut – over-concern for the welfare of loved ones
Rock Rose – terror and fright
Rock Water – self-denial, rigidity and self-repression
Scleranthus – inability to choose between alternatives
Star of Bethlehem – shock
Sweet Chestnut – Extreme mental anguish, when everything has been tried and there is no light left
Vervain – over-enthusiasm
Vine – dominance and inflexibility
Walnut – protection from change and unwanted influences
Water Violet – quiet self-reliance leading to isolation
White Chestnut – unwanted thoughts and mental arguments
Wild Oat – uncertainty over one’s direction in life
Wild Rose – drifting, resignation, apathy
Willow – self-pity and resentment

Consultations for Pets and Animals

What you will gain from a consultation:

  • An essence program for your pet, as well as possibly for other pets and people in the household, including yourself.
  • An understanding of your pet’s theme essence, reflecting his/her personality strengths, and choose essences for correcting behaviors and conditions. 
  • Greater awareness of the emotional richness and distinctive personality of your animal companion.
  • Deeper insight into the instinctual nature of your animal friend and how to support his/her adaptation to a domesticated lifestyle.
  • An explanation of the subtle interrelationship between pet and owner as well as the dynamics of a multiple pet household.

How your pet will benefit from a session:

  • A more harmonious household/property. Easing of tensions from previously difficult situations, including with owners, neighbors, and other household pets.  A happier, more playful and contented animal friend!

Behaviors and Conditions Addressed

  • Aging animals
  • Barking, fear-based
  • BitingFear
  • Bullying
  • Skittishness
  • Grief 
  • Litter box problems
  • Moving
  • Pets nearing death
  • Previous abuse
  • Multiple pet problems
  • Restlessness
  • Separation anxiety
  • Scratching
  • Travel

Bella's Story

I used flower essences with our dog Bella. She was born in rescue and the foster family reported that the mother was brought into rescue while pregnant.  The mother dog was kicked repeatedly while pregnant and taken away from the prior owner.  Amazingly all 9 puppies survived but 2 of them including Bella showed some signs of these injuries. 

Physical trauma showed in her back end, having weak legs, she also neurological trauma with her eyes not following together. Lastly she showed sever signs of being scared, and was alway nervous, jumpy, and cried and screamed all the time if she was left alone. She wouldn't want to get close to anyone (human) physically, she only would snuggle up with her furry brother Buddy. 

Bella is now 6 years old, and she is doing so much better. She now trusts, she snuggles, she is a tiny bit jumpy still, but it isn't to the point of causing her to be anxious or neurotic. Flower Essences along with care and support really have helped Bella to enjoy her life fully.


Note: flower essences do not directly treat physical symptoms nor do they replace proper veterinary care. They can, however, address the emotional causes related to physical symptoms.

Click here to book your 60 minute session, which includes 1 tincture $60

Vaginal Steam

An ancient treatment that can help those who are suffering from infertility, chronic yeast and bladder infections, cysts, fibroids, digestive issues, scaring from surgeries, prostate issues and back pain.

Medicinal Properties of the treatment

  • Helps with Ovulation issues
  • Prepares the uterus for implantation
  • Helps strengthen ligaments that support the uterus
  • Stimulates the production of hormones
  • Soothes while strengthening the nervous system
  • Aids in restarting regular menstrual cycles
  • Protects the uterus from ulcers and tumors
  • Kills intestinal worms
  • Helps fight infection
  • Helps correct digestive disorders
  • Warms the body
  • Helps to relieve back pain
  • Aids in prostate issues
  • Helps with recovery from vasectomy reversals

WARNING – NOT for use during pregnancy.

In the first few months of doing bajos or V-Steams in combination with the abdominal massage, women have reported that their menstrual blood looks different. Some women have reported blood that resembles coffee grounds (old dried blood) or even the passing of fleshy tissue. Usually by the third month women see a bright red oxygenated blood. Even women who haven’t bled in years because they’ve been through menopause, have reported a “cleansing” of old indurated blood. Improved blood and lymph flow increases the health of the tissue on a cellular level. This service can be scheduled as a stand alone treatment or used in conjunction with your treatment. You can also purchase herbal packets and do the steam in your own home.

  • Fertility protocol-first day of your period or at the tail end of your period
  • Hormonal migraines- up to three times the week before your period
  • Dysmenorrhea or painful periods – up to three times the week prior to your period, or the first day of your period if you are spotting
  • Menopause- as needed or four times a year at seasonal changes, for instance. Sometimes women who haven’t bled in years will report having what seems like another period, but it is actually a cleansing of old debris from the uterus.
  • Hemorrhoids- as needed with astringent herbs

30 minute session $40

Foot bath chart

What is it?

The body has 5 organs that allow DETOXFICATION: the Liver, Skin, Colon, Kidneys and the Lungs. The Ion Detox Footbath cleanses, balances and enhances the bio-energy present in the body. This energy is the electromagnetic force that is stored and utilized in the body. Chinese medicine refers to this energy is CHI. The Ionic Detox Footbath can be used to increase energy, both physical and mental, it also increases vitality and stamina. It purges and/or detoxifies the body of toxins, chemicals, radiation, pollution and other materials trapped in the tissues. The less polluted your body is, the more your body will work to its best capacity.

Why should I do it?

There are many reasons WHY to detox. Our body is susceptible to many types of toxins, such as food additives, alcohol, prescription drugs, pesticides, heavy metals, and/or environmental or industrial pollutants. It is so important to keep our body as clean as possible to function properly. Again, getting rid of these pollutants from our bodies will help us in the “fight”, i.e. our bodies (immune system) can be “under attack” and can cause many side effects including, but not limited to, tiredness, headaches/ migraines, cold/ flu, acne, bad breath, body odor problems, and sinus problems, just to name a few. Some experts have suggested this type of holistic therapy as an alternative to the prevention of immune deficiency disease.

The potential benefits of the ionic foot detox are the reduction of the everyday toxins in your body and known to reduce the following:

  • Remove toxins and body waste products known to cause health problems.
  • Inactivate viruses, bacteria,  yeast and fungus.
  • Purify the blood and lymph nodes.
  • Enhance nutrient absorption.
  • Help clear up bad skin.
  • Slow down aging and improve body flexibility.
  • Increase oxygen in the body.
  • Improve sleep.
  • Chelate heavy metals.
  • Relieve pain and tension.
  • Stimulate and balance the immune system.
  • Reduce inflammation and unwanted fluid retention
  • Assist in weight loss.
  • Quicken recovery time from disease or injury.
  • Rejuvenate and energize your whole body.
  • Relieve headaches.

Appointment needed so please call ahead.

Please download and fill out the Questionnaire for Ionic Foot Bath Treatment Prior to your Appointment

Questionnaire for Ionic Foot Bath Treatment

We look forward to helping you achieve your health goals!!!   There is no discomfort while having this treatment entire process takes about 30 minutes.

It is recommended that you drink plenty of water and rest of needed.


It is generally not recommended to use the machine if you:

  • Wear a pacemaker or any other battery operated or electrical implant.
  • Take heartbeat regulating medications or blood thinners.
  • Are a pregnant or lactating woman.
  • Are an organ transplant recipient.
  • Have undergone organ removal, especially the colon.
  • Are on a medication that, if absent from your system, would mentally or physically incapacitate you
    (e.g., psychotic episodes or seizures).
  • Support system is recommended, drink a lot of water, and rest if necessary.

Cost – a single treatment is $40.00 for a 30 minute session or a package of 12 is $35 each (recommended for best results)  a $60 dollar savings!