Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing helps give your body the support it needs to heal.

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  • Better Sleep
  • Answers to weight issues
  • Relief from headaches
  • More energy
  • Healty digestion and regular bowl movements
  • Strong immune system


Nutrition response testing is a non-invasive way of analyzing the body to determine the root or underlying cause of health problems.

We use muscle testing (in-person or virtual) to consider how each of your organs is functioning. This is done by testing the bodies response and reflexes. I will test your body using your out stretched arm and gently have you match my pressure by pushing one way while I push the other. your arm acts as a lever. Your nervous system will reduce your ability to keep your arm extended thus, letting me know you need support in that area. This proven system is extremely accurate, and helps to correctly identify the area of need in your body.

  • There is no needles or lab tests needed
  • We can pinpoint food sensitivities, accurately.
  • It allows you to quickly understand your body and what it needs.
  • It puts you in control over making the changes you need in order to build back a healthier outcome.


Sign up for a free 15 minute Consultation - this is a no-pressure appointment to see if this is the right fit for you to better understand your underlying health conditions and help you understand how to reach your goals.

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Initial Vist

During your first visit, I will educate you on how to hold your arm during testing (if we are in person). You are fully clothed and in a standing position. If we are on a virtual call, you will just be watching as I tune in with you while I muscle test you from a distance. You will be involved in the call as i ask you multiple questions during the session.

Report of Findings

The next step, I prepare your report of findings. I show you the areas that test weak and the areas that test strong. Think of this like a stop light. Green means go (Strong muscle test) Yellow means caution (means weak muscle test) and Red means stop (weak muscle test). These tests are based on proven methods of muscle testing and pair the finding up with very high quality nutritional formulas that will work to reduce the yellow and the red lights in your body. If you decide to move forward and it's a good fit for us both, I will give you specific formulas and timeline to meet your expectation and goals.

Session Scheduling

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