I am a Certified Massage Therapist, Maya
Abdominal Therapist and Flower Essence
Practitioner. I have worked in the
alternative health field for over 12 years
and am a  professional member of the
American Massage Therapy Association.  
And most importantly I LOVE what I do
and truly believe in a holistic, hands on
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About....Spa Schwa
aka...Tara Schwagmeyer
When you work with me you
not only receive the benefits of
experience and training, but
also the care that I put into
healing your body, mind and
The amazing people I work with continue to have great
success with reproductive health concerns,
menstruation challenges, bladder conditions, digestive
issues, chronic and acute muscle tightness, stress and
I am married to Carl Schwagmeyer who is a self mployed
carpenter/contractor and we both truly enjoy living and
working in Cannon Falls and Northfield area.
At my office I work with many talented women.
We offer health care comprised of acupuncture, energy
work, massage, meditation and yoga.  

For the full list of services please see
Come and Grow with me